Wedding Suit Rules Every Groom Must Know

Wedding Suit Rules Every Groom Must Know

Wedding Suit Rules Every Groom Must Know

Well, just as amazing a bride needs to look on her BIG DAY, the groom equally should too! The amazing group at Philip Alexander has given us the lowdown on the best Tailor made suits rules. All these will be the dos and don’ts, so join lads!

1. Lapel width

The design during the last few years has been cut very narrow, becoming a top street look. In Marc Wallace, we’ve introduced a traditional diameter lapel in our ready to wear collection. Having a tailored suit, you’ll be able to choose the width lapel you require. Narrow provides a stylish, stylish appearance, mid gives a classic appearance, and broad lapels are traditional.

2. Pocket squares

When it comes to suiting rules, it’s essential not to overlook that the pocket square. Having left a comeback through time and moving from plain block colors to colors and textured fabrics, pocket squares add a dash of color to your suit. Fold to a fantastic line for a traditional style or scrunch up and make a fuller, hanky appearance

3. What functions

When choosing your customized or off the peg match, it’s extremely important to check your body proportion. This is what you need to base your lawsuit around

4. The Way the shoulders must match

How we cut our suit shoulders is fitted into your system, for formal and wedding suits, many customers enjoy a wider shoulder for relaxation.

5. What colors are cool

This year keep a watch out for vintage styling and pruning. Textured fabrics in earth colors are an integral look this season. You can’t go wrong with classics colors such as gray, navy, along black. ALWAYS make sure that the cloth color is suitable for your skin tone.

6. How wide your belt Ought to Be

Narrow belts seem extra stylish. Why not do away with the belt loops together on the pants? Keep it looking clean and easy

7. Double or single vents?

Single vents appear best on many coats, but when it has to do with a double-breasted coat, constantly keep double-sided

8. Suite principles: Unbuttoning before sitting.

Some customers prefer to have the coat finished up when walking into a room, and if seated, they unbutton the jacket.

9. Just how much sleeve should be exposed

There’s not any rule when just how much cuff to reveal. If you want the cuff to show, we like around 1 cm under the jacket cuff

10. What length of sock is okay

With socks, many of our customers prefer to wear short socks in the summer and winter. Others will have their groomsmen in a brightly coloured sock that may or may not fit inside the wedding color scheme? Many grooms are giving up socks completely

Don’t forget to go through this checklist before you get your suit made! After all, it’s your wedding, and it’s one of the most special days a human encounter in their life! Best of luck with your married life!

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