• Of the 152 Navy deserters who were still at large as of May 9

    The number of sailors who deserted the Navy more than doubled from 2019 to 2021, while desertions in other military…

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  • Desperate to leave: Sailors face lack of options when trying to quit the Navy…

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  • неоосманские амбиции Эрдогана

    ибо военные связи Турции с Украиной представляют собой “важный фактор сдерживания злонамеренного влияния в регионе” и “послужат долгосрочному единству НАТО”.…

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  • ScienceRussian forces hit east

    Russia-Ukraine live news: Russian forces hit east, south regions

    Five civilians were killed in the eastern Donetsk region due to Russian shelling, a local authority has said. Regional governor…

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